Processing Events and Emotions

We go through our days experiencing a myriad of emotions and experiences – what then, do we do with these feelings and happenings?

I’m the person who would tire myself out then go to bed. That way, I can avoid meeting my uncomfortable feelings and experiences face-to-face.

Failing to properly process our feelings and the happenings around us is akin to leaving our homes uncleaned for days, weeks, months or even years. The dust and clutter that build up become the very hindrance to our abilities to perceive our environments clearly.

Processing events and emotions is a difficult thing to do. It forces you to face the truths that you have been trying to run away from and it demands that you sit with all the emotions that you have been carrying knowingly or unknowingly.

This morning, I sat with myself and asked “how are you?” – a question that gets thrown around all day, everywhere. What if we tuned in to our body’s sensations, then dug into our hearts and souls to answer this question truthfully?

It’s a daily affair to have with ourselves.

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