Be Here Now: Using 5 Senses to be Fully Present

Did you know?!

  • The human skin has about 35,000,000,000 cells. That’s 35 billion, if your brain just shut off after the third zero.
  • We breathe an average of 8 million breaths a year. Maybe fewer if you practice this breath meditation.
  • The human ear can hear frequencies as low as 20 Hz and as high as 20,000 Hz.
  • The human eye can see millions of colours.
  • The average human tongue is 3 inches long…


At 3.97 inches, Nick Stoeberl holds the Guinness World Records of World’s Longest Tongue – beat that!

Our five senses are powerful tools that help us experience life and absorb everything that’s happening around us.

Here’s a quick, tangible and systematic 5 senses exercise to remind us to Be Here Now.

Do this in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening, on walks, at work, while brushing your teeth, while cooking, while eating… Do it alone, with your partner, with friends, with your kids… It’s a great activity that can be done anytime, whether you’re flying solo or spending time with loved ones!

So let’s get into it. Take your time and do it with me as you’re reading this –

1. Name 5 objects that you can see

They can be anything! But I encourage you to look in places that you seldom explore. For example, the sky, the ceiling, the corners of the room, underneath your mug and maybe even underneath your feet!

2. Feel 4 things that you can touch

They could be the wind against your skin, the clothes you are wearing, hair against your face and your feet against the ground.

3. Identify 3 sounds that you can hear

Don’t qualify them as pleasant or unpleasant, simply observe. The sounds of the vehicles on the road, the sound of your breath, the sound of someone’s voice.

4. Identify 2 scents that you can smell

Again, don’t qualify the smell. Sometimes it’s not the most pleasant but the point of mindfulness is simply to observe, not to reflect or analyse. This might be the smell of your coffee, your neighbour’s cooking or even the smell of trees 😍

Kudos to you if you’re practising this in the toilet like what I did before!

5. Identify 1 taste in your mouth

Hot coffee, your food, water or even just the general taste in your mouth works just as well.

It’s that easy! I hope you’re feeling fully present now. It’s SO important to Be Here Now and pay attention to what you’re doing, the conversation you’re having, how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

It has been great hanging with you here, let me know how being fully present has influenced you. Till we meet again, cheers 🍷




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